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Technology M&A support for an acquisition

Technology M&A support for an acquisition

Client Summary

A regional healthcare provider looking to M&A for growth 


While the Attorney General reviewed the scope of a pending acquisition, our client wanted to organize themselves for the upcoming integration efforts. This would be their largest transaction to date, but likely the first of many. Our client’s digital organization needed to equip themselves with the proper tools & processes for this transaction, while also building a playbook that could be used for acquisitions to come.


M&A transactions are a catalyst for large-scale business and digital transformation. During an M&A (integration, in this example), there is an extreme amount of change that is introduced into all parties involved in the transaction.. Without the proper methods, tools, and frameworks in-place prior to Day 1, any organization can very easily become overwhelmed which can jeopardize the deal thesis.

Aberdeen engagement

Aberdeen was contracted by the acquirer’s digital organization to help design & standup the Technology Management Office, and also assist leadership with preparing for Day 1 readiness. 


As part of the engagement, Aberdeen was able to:

  • Standup the Technology Management Office, and assist the group with defining the go-forward resource needs, tooling, & operating model to effectively oversee Day 1 & beyond efforts

  • Define Day 1 Guidelines for the entire technology organization

  • Craft the Operating Model that would be used by the NewCo in the both the interim and target states

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