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The current reality of IT demand

Hello IT leader. Are you tired of the never-ending battle between the demand of work placed on your team and the supply of good IT resources? Is your team constantly looking at a backlog of projects that keep them working nights, weekends, and holidays? Is your budget never enough to not only keep the lights on, but invest in improvements desperately needed in technologies?

The reality that faces many IT organizations today is that there simply is more work than they can keep up with. To deliver on all project work would require a team that is either larger or one that is much more efficient. In a cost-sensitive environment, what options are available to step outside of this vicious cycle?

Change the game

Unless your company turns on its side, the business requests of IT are going to continue coming. IT needs to transform to better-serve business counterparts. This transformation is not easy - but it can be done. First, it starts with stepping away from the old, unstable applications and infrastructure that your team spends 90% of their time supporting.

"This isn't possible" you say, "given budget considerations and the upfront investment that is needed."

This is where Aberdeen Advisors can help. Aberdeen's retainer services are a flexible, affordable way to pay-as-you-go for custom, sleek IT builds and augment your IT team with best-in-class skillsets however needed. Watch your speed to delivery accelerate drastically, as your organization steps away from antiquated tech stacks and towards the future of IT.

Custom engagement models

Aberdeen offers an innovative, unique engagement model that provides the availability and forecastable technology costs of an in-house team, but with the skillsets needed to build that new, shiny business application and dig your team out of a rut. Task our team with building an application that will sunset the existing apps that consume your team's time to support. Aberdeen Advisors build user-friendly business applications that leverage cutting edge tech and methodologies (DevOps, CI/CD, etc.), so that speed and supportability will no longer be an issue. Contract us to build the your custom application, then keep us around to manage the solution after we are done. The variable nature of retainer contracts allows you to pay for products or services as you go, and stop payment when your business is happy and your team is confident they can support future business requests.

IT staff support services

The need for strong IT engineers and full-stack developers has never been stronger. To find the resources with the right skillsets requires extensive recruiting and hiring efforts. Tech giants like Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple and others aggressively recruit and hire the best and brightest developers, often, right out of college. Top notch developers who don’t join these tech leaders often join or launch startups, leaving other companies to compete for the remaining pool of lesser developers.

With our staff support services, the IT skillsets that you need are provided on a consumption basis. Aberdeen gives you access to top developers who are looking for the opportunity to work with clients to solve their toughest problems. With our elastic network of top IT engineers, we can ramp up resources as needed to support your demand. When you need a database set up, someone with expertise and experience with that specific database technology is available to focus on the project, and when that task is done, you are no longer paying for that specialist, since they’ve been rotated off your team and are on to other Aberdeen projects. When you need them again, the same person who is familiar with your solution is available for whatever is needed.

Speed to delivery

Regardless of the service you select, know that the time required to see benefits will be minimal. Opposed to the Waterfall delivery model that has driven your business counterparts nuts, Aberdeen leverages (embraces) Agile methodologies. We will aim to get a minimal viable product (MVP) in the hands of your team and the business as quickly as possible, to iteratively add value and gather feedback on what more is needed. This will mitigate the 10 month timeline before a solution is available, and will ensure that the end product will have a ROI that far exceeds the hurdle rate for typical IT investments.

The new reality

Empowered by Aberdeen, your team has been able to step away from the monolithic, slow applications that consumed their daily time supporting. The new, cloud-hosted application that was developed is winning over business counterparts, and has a roadmap to sunset additional applications and infrastructure in the near future.

Sometimes all that is needed to start a large, technology-enabled transformation is a small investment to step away from technical debt and free-up a team to focus on what they do best. Let Aberdeen serve as the catalyst for your next technology-enabled transformation.


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