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Building an IT capability

Building an IT capability

Client Summary

A venture funded fitness brand that offers a proprietary workout method accompanied by physical equipment and digital training content


As a result of their success in the marketplace, their technology landscape and strategy were not keeping pace with their accelerated growth.  The team had made the necessary decisions to sustain growth to this point, but needed to re-think their tech to scale the business to the next level


Lack of in-house technical expertise and tool sprawl resulted in an overly complicated and redundant technical landscape that made mission-critical business questions difficult to answer.  With no clear strategy of how technology would support the business roadmap, the technical team was always playing catch-up.  

Aberdeen engagement

Aberdeen was tasked with a 6th month engagement to serve as CIO in residence to help the client define their technology strategy and get a handle on their current landscape.  Aberdeen developed a 30 / 60 / 90 day plan and put in place processes that were light enough to not impact growth, but that were rigid enough to prevent further complications.  


Aberdeen not only took stock of the existing landscape, but defined what the tech organization, tools, and processes should look like in the short term, medium term, and long term.  Aberdeen helped with multiple software selection, application rationalization, and application implementation support projects.  In one such instance, Aberdeen rolled up their sleeves to select a warehouse management application and oversee its implementation, blueprint through support.  

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