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Enabling Financial Transparency

Enabling financial transparency

Client Summary

A regional healthcare provider whose digital capabilities, services, and products are key differentiators in the marketplace. 


As the digital organization embraced newer, ‘as a service’ technologies, they realized that their organization needed to re-organize to properly embrace and take advantage of their technology investments.  As they began this operating model transformation, they also needed to re-think the way they managed their business (expense and capital budgeting, expense management, etc). 


Not unlike other large organizations, there was no single source of the truth for housing and interpreting budget and actual expense information.  With an ITFM application's implementation looming on the future roadmap, there was an immediate need to re-cast all digital financials to align to the new way of working.  This not only would help with immediate business needs / requests, but also would establish the foundation for how the group reported financials going forward.

Aberdeen engagement

Aberdeen was responsible not only for defining the framework used to report costs, but also rolled up their sleeves and joined the company’s Office of the CIO to help drive the transformation.  


Aberdeen used the Technology Business Management framework to deconstruct and re-cast the digital financial information in a manner that not only laid the foundation for an ITFM application, but also could be easily communicated across the company’s different stakeholders.

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