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Disrupting the lobbying industry

Disrupting the lobbying industry

Client Summary

A startup based in the midwest that is disrupting the lobbying industry through the use of technology 


Currently the lobbying industry uses highly manual and inefficient processes to organize lobbyists and monitor their ability to influence a House or Senate Bill as it goes through the legislative process.  The founders wanted to develop a mobile solution that could be accessed on the go with accurate data & reports for users to make informed decisions while lobbying.


While the founders were lobbyists themselves and subject matters experts, they lacked the necessary business and technology skillsets, along with an engineering team, to take a MVP to market.

Aberdeen engagement

Aberdeen was responsible not only for defining the overall go-to-market strategy, but also tasked with designing and building the mobile application to automate these complex, antiquated processes.  Additionally, Aberdeen was (and is) their day-to-day tech team on retainer, handling all production support and application enhancements.


Aberdeen not only defined a cohesive sales, pricing, and rollout strategy for the founders to take the MVP to market in 4 months, but also delivered a world class application that will save countless hours for lobbyists.

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