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Defining a tech strategy to support growth

Defining a tech strategy to support growth

Client Summary

A growth stage liens processor with services and products that are key differentiators in the marketplace. 


Our client made significant capital investments to modernize their proprietary, in-house core platform.  While the core platform was stabilized, similar capital investments were required across other parts of the organization to mature business capabilities and reduce technical debt. 


Before moving forward with further investments, our client’s advisory board requested an end-to-end technology strategy and vision, assessment of the  tech stack health, and confirmation that the future state systems architecture was secure, compliant, and scalable.

Aberdeen engagement

Aberdeen was contracted to complete the technology assessment and help formulate a technology strategy.  Additionally, Aberdeen was also tasked with developing a forward-looking roadmap to arrive at the target-state.


As part of the engagement, Aberdeen was able to:

  • Assess the performance, reliability, security, and scalability of the key software applications

  • Propose a target state application and infrastructure architecture with a rebuild and integration strategy 

  • Develop a prioritized and sequenced roadmap to address gaps and arrive at the target-state, inclusive of build versus buy recommendations and associated costs estimates

  • Develop a future state technology org chart to support the clients technology strategy and vision

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