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Value-led IT diligence

Client summary:

  • A prominent family investment office that invests in local businesses with a history of operational excellence and the potential to scale.


  • The investment office was considering making a large capital investment in a domestic equipment rental company that not only had great operational metrics but also had grown despite limited focus on marketing and digital.


  • Before proceeding with the investment, the family office needed to look under the hood and confirm that the business' operations were healthy and were void of risks.  The family office did not have many associates, and lacked the in-house skillsets needed to properly evaluate the target-company's technology landscape and capabilities. 

Aberdeen engagement:

  • Aberdeen was tasked to perform diligence for the entire technology landscape, while also identifying opportunities where technology investments could better-enable the investment thesis to grow & scale.


  • Using a people-process-technology lens, Aberdeen completed the current-state diligence for the target company in 2 weeks to align with deal timelines.  As part of the assessment, Aberdeen identified several risks and provided an executable roadmap for how and when to mitigate each risk.  Aberdeen also solicited several third-party quotes for value-enabling projects that supported the investment thesis.  

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