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M&A Strategy: sourcing and structuring deals

Client Summary

A regional healthcare system had found themself flush with capital and was seeking advice on how to best deploy the capital in order to spur revenue growth. In particular, the system was seeking opportunities for inorganic growth via partnerships or M&A.


The CIO of the healthcare system approached Aberdeen to request assistance advancing the thinking around inorganic growth and sourcing potential medtech, biotech, and health tech deals. Since this project was in its nascency, it needed to be completed quickly and discreetly.


In addition to the project itself, the CIO sought Aberdeen’s help in creating compelling pitch materials for the CEO/ executive suite in order to secure buy-in for allocation of capital to the new enterprise.

Aberdeen engagement

Aberdeen collaborated with the health system’s team to identify the factors that were most relevant for inorganic growth. We then ran a comprehensive search for the subsectors and startups that ranked most highly per our criteria. Finally, Aberdeen added in a layer of analysis on the most effective partnership structures with various startups to mitigate risk and spur growth. Aberdeen collaborated with the CIO’s team to secure buy-in.


Based on Aberdeen’s work, the client created a new business division focused on commercializing innovation via partnerships and M&A in order to most effectively leverage assets to spur continued growth.

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