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Growth strategy workshop

Client Summary

The new business growth team of a regional healthcare provider whose digital capabilities, services, and products are key differentiators in the marketplace.


The new business growth team, responsible for supporting all teams in the org around innovation, is also responsible for holding a vision for the evolution of healthcare. Steeped in day-to-day tactics, the team was seeking a structured session to come together, deepen intra-team-member relationships, and build a vision for the future that could be shared across the organization.


Given the rapidly changing pace of healthcare, the health system anticipated playing in a meaningfully different environment over a 5-year horizon. Therefore, in addition to vision, the team was seeking assistance in prioritizing various new initiatives in anticipation of needs to come over the next 5 years. 

Aberdeen engagement

Aberdeen took the lead in designing and leading the team through a half-day workshop. During the workshop, the team identified the megatrends that would be most important to their organization in a 5-year horizon, scenarios that could be anticipated over that horizon and, ultimately, what initiatives should be prioritized in order to effectively be prepared for the future.


Resulting from the engagement, the team produced a document that helped to create strategic alignment and prioritized several initiatives that would be kickstarted in the next three months in preparation for long-term societal and systemic changes.

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