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Supporting a supply chain transformation

Client summary:

  • A venture funded direct to consumer brand that sells both physical and digital products through their sales channels.


  • Our client was beginning to undergo a supply chain transformation to better handle growth impacting their physical goods business. As part of their transformation, the client desired to implement a new Warehouse Management System (WMS) and Inventory Management System (IMS).


  • Due to tight timelines and potential impacts to operations during holiday season, our client needed external support to identify a right-sized WMS / IMS platform and then lead the implementation of the solution.

Aberdeen engagement:

  • Aberdeen was initially brought in to  conduct a WMS / IMS package assessment.  After the initial assessment, Aberdeen was responsible for the business requirements and project management tracks of the implementation.


  • As part of the engagement, Aberdeen was able to:

    • Define and document detailed operations, finance, warehouse management and inventory management business requirements.  This allowed our client to examine their and optimize their processes for future growth

    • Conduct a thorough fit-gap assessment of standard WMS/IMS features vs. requirements to identify, prioritize, and mitigate gaps arising from process or technology changes

    • Lead the successful rollout of WMS / IMS solution that provided a single source of truth into the entire supply chain lifecycle

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